Endowment Fund

Endowment Gifts to help Secure the Future of our Parish.

 The Parish has been made aware of an exciting yet practical opportunity that can significantly benefit our Parish community.  Through a program coordinated by the Catholic Foundation, we have been able to establish a special fund for our Parish:

 The Annerley Ekibin Parish Endowment Fund

 As you may know, an endowment is a fund in which the principal deposit is permanently invested for growth and not spent down.  Each year the endowment fund distributes a percentage (currently 5%) of the balance back to the Parish for use on priority initiatives. As the fund matures over time through investment growth and your donations, the distributions increase and become a steady stream of annual income for our Parish. 

 To help create sustainable funding for the future of our Parish we have established an endowment fund with an initial amount of $10,000, which has been matched dollar-for-dollar by $10,000 contributions from the Archdiocese of Brisbane.  The funds are invested and managed on our behalf by the Archdiocese Development Fund and not by the Parish.

 The Annerley Ekibin Parish Endowment Fund will support the programs and ministries of our Parish in perpetuity.  Our hope is that these funds will continue to grow significantly with gifts, and especially bequests, from our benefactors. For example, leaving a gift to our Endowment Fund in your Will (a bequest) is a meaningful way to build up the Funds and financially sustain our Parish for generations to come.  Your gift keeps on working to earn interest income in perpetuity for the good of the Parish.

 We look forward with joy that the future of our Parish will continue to be filled with faith, hope and God’s love.  Please pray that our new endowment fund grows like the loaves and fishes to assist in our work of passing on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the fullness of His teaching through His Church.

 If you would like to know more, contact the Parish Office on 07 3848 1107 or go to:


 Then choose ‘designation’ and select Annerley-Ekibin Parish.

Thank you for your generous support of our Parish community.

For regular giving through envelopes, direct debit and credit card, please see the Planned Giving page.