Working Bee – Thursday 4th December

10383550_10153410642116494_7874620267614824933_nThe church roof is half-covered!  Talk about nail-biting suspense.  We are certainly hoping and praying that the promised storms hold off until after the roof is fully covered – or preferably not come at all!

We will forge ahead with our plans, and tomorrow we will restore all the pews to their proper locations, and dress the altar and return Our Lord to his tabernacle home.  All those who can come to the church Thursday morning at some point to help will be warmly welcomed.

We hope to celebrate Mass again in the church on Friday morning at 11:00am for the Mary Immaculate School end of year Mass – and all weekend Masses will occur as normal.

Those with limited mobility are advised that the entrance to the church with the ramp is currently blocked by the scaffolding.  Entry is only via the doors with at least some stairs.  We apologize for this.

For next week, we have been directed to remove all the carpets from the church, which we will do on Monday.  Again, anyone who can come from 8:30am on Monday to assist in the removal of the carpets will be very welcome.

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