Masses & venues in the coming days

Just to clarify and remind people of venues for Mass in the coming days:

TODAY, Wednesday 3rd December 2014:

6:00pm Mass – Saint John Fisher

6:30pm Year 6/7 Mary Immaculate School Graduation Mass – Marymac Centre

Thursday 4th December 2014:

7:00am Mass – Saint Elizabeth

No Confessions today

All-night Exposition and Adoration from 6:00pm at Saint Elizabeth

Friday 5th December 2014:

6:30am Angelus & Rosary – Saint Elizabeth

7:00am Mass – Saint Elizabeth (Chapel)

9:00am SE School End of year Mass – Saint Elizabeth’s School

11:ooam MI School End of year Mass – Mary Immaculate Church

Saturday 6th December 2014

7:15am-7:45am Exposition & Confessions – Mary Immaculate Church

8:00am Mass – Mary Immaculate Church

Thereafter, everything in its usual place at the normal times.

We would not be in this position of being able to return to Mary Immaculate Church so soon if it wasn’t for the extraordinary dedication of those who have worked tirelessly since last Thursday cleaning, scrubbing, mopping, painting to get everything looking so good and ready for us.  We owe those people a huge debt of gratitude.

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