What a storm

I had heard someone say last night that there’d be a storm today, but I wasn’t expecting what we got.

All the parish buildings at Annerley have smashed windows and water damage.  Everything facing south was in the line of fire.  All the high lead-light windows in the Church along Ferndale Street are smashed, as are the windows on that side of the sanctuary.  The water was coming through the roof of the church, and down the walls from the roof, and then through the broken windows, and flowed through the floor to the library and classroom below – where the windows were also smashed by the hail.  The other buildings of the school also had their windows smashed.  The parish office had most of its front windows smashed and water through the offices on that side.  The convent had water through the roof.  The presbytery’s front windows are all smashed.  The tree at the front of the church came down, but thankfully fell over the path and not on the church or on Ipswich Road.

Reports are that there is no damage at Saint John Fisher Church, and I’ve had no reports of damage at Saint Elizabeth’s yet, although the power-line did come down near the chapel.

The school staff worked very hard to clean up the damage to the school.  The repairers are currently boarding up the windows in the parish office to make it secure.

A bit of cleaning up to continue tomorrow.

At this stage, the 7:00am Mass at Saint Elizabeth’s on Friday morning is on, as per normal.  Adoration tonight is suspended.

Mary Immaculate School will be closed on Friday 28 November due to the damage.  Parents are asked to make alternative arrangements for your children.

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